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Bathroom series Viu/XViu for Duravit

Sieger Design Gmb H & Co. Kg

Short description

The bathroom series Viu, designed by sieger design for Duravit, is distinguished by a design aesthetic that pairs timelessly familiar forms with ones that are more avant-garde and futuristic. The gentle curve of the washbasin marks a clear contrast to the rigorous geometric precision of the basic form. Viu also broke new ground from a technical perspective. The unrivalled precision with which it is made is especially evident in the c-bonded washstand. Thanks to the special technology, the basin seamlessly merges with the metallic frame so that they meld into one. The washstand forms an elegant, harmonious whole. Another key style element is the solitary bathtub from the XViu furniture line. Its free-flowing organic and ergonomic form is encased within a precise rectangular metal frame.

Entry details
LocationSassenberg - Germany
Studio NameSieger Design Gmb H & Co. Kg
Lead designerMichael Sieger
Photography creditsDuravit
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