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Barrocal Park

Topiaris Landscape Architecture

Project description

Barrocal Park is a unique natural space within the city of Castelo Branco, integrated in the UNESCO Naturtejo Global Geopark and in the International Tejo / Tajo Biosphere Reserve. Its fascinating geological landscape shaped over 310 million of years of tectonic movements and climate change holds unexpected biodiversity. The paths, trails, viewpoints, and reference structures were designed on site, enabling their adjustment to the topography and landscape features, becoming singular observation platforms, to immerse and experience a true nature park within the city, while minimizing impacts over its natural resources. The Park opened in 2021 and has become a common destination for those who seek close contact with nature, reinforcing the relevance of the Barrocal when facing the ongoing challenges of the 21st century: as a public health necessity, as a biodiversity and heritage conservation haven, and as unique place for disseminating the Barrocal’s landscape natural systems, while safeguarding them for future generations.

Project details
Location:Castelo Branco - Portugal
Studio NameTopiaris Landscape Architecture
Lead designerTeresa Barão, Luis Ribeiro, Catarina Viana (Topiaris) & Olavo Dias (Architecture)
Design teamElsa Calhau, André Godinho, Rita Salgado, Ana Lemos, Ana Beja da Costa, Sérgio Sousa Marques, João Gago dos Santos
Photography creditsPedro Martins
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