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Project description

BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE is a famous and popular bag brand with a unique texture of triangular pieces that are regularly assembled. Until now, our theme has been to convey the "certainty of handwork, high quality, and a sense of luxury" in our products. Since our products are produced by Japanese craftsmen with great care, we have focused on "hammering," one of Japan's traditional metalworking techniques, and directly incorporated it into our store designs. Now that this spirit has taken root, we have introduced the concept of "stage sets" as a new essence. Based on a space with solid technology, we have developed a system that allows the layout of products to be variable and the display to be constantly changing. The faint ruled lines on the wall are both a design and a display device to tighten the space. By setting various parts on the lines that create a sense of tension in the space, the display constantly changes and gives freshness to the space. It is a space like a stage where change and constancy coexist.

Project details
Location:Osaka, Japan
Studio NameMOMENT
Lead designerHisaaki Hirawata, Tomohiro Watabe
Photography creditsFumio Araki
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