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Bankston + Sans-Arc: Super Collection

Bankston Architectural + Sans-Arc Studio

Short description

The Bankston + Sans Arc Studio, Super Collection largely draws inspiration from the Radical Design Movement of the 1960’s, known for its avant-garde approach and marked departure from traditional design practice. This period heralded a new way of thinking, blurring the lines between art and architecture, encouraging daring explorations of shape, colour and material.

These principles have served as the foundation of the Bankston + Sans Arc Super Collection and are reflected in each product. Playful geometric abstractions and unique forms are balanced with highly functional design, delivering a range that feels both usable, yet is highly expressive. Incorporating these key influences with their own style has added a distinctiveness to the collaboration, epitomising the provocative nature of the radical movement through Sans Arc’s lens.

Bankston approached Sans-Arc with a simple brief; design a range of unique products that break the mould and reflect the essence of their practice. Sans-Arc have imbued their playful, referential, and off-beat style into every product in the Super collection. Drawing from different scales of design and objects of human interaction, the creative process centred around the themes of shape, geometry, and contrast. The final collection reflects a consistent design language, one that values and embraces irregularity. Each product in the collection was designed to complement and contrast with one another. The eclectic approach taken by Sans-Arc leaving each design with its own unique story to tell.

The collection features:
- 1 Door Knob
- 2 Door Levers
- 2 Pull Handles

The Zzzigurat draws its distinctive shape from the ancient Mesopotamian ziggurat, a stepped structure that pre-dates the pyramids of Egypt. The name also pays homage to one of the key design practices (Zzigurat) associated with Radical Design Movement. The bold shape of the Zzzigurat make it ideal for more playful and animated spaces.

The Geppetto, named after the levers Pinocchio like shape, is subtly linked to the Italian theme of radical design, whilst embracing a slightly absurdist design approach. Playing off contrasting geometries, the Geppetto’s simple form is bold yet timeless.

Inspired by Futurist design, the Futurismo is geometrically subversive and introduces quite unexpected shapes into a lever. A sphere and chamfered rod are elegantly stacked to create a unique and eye-catching piece.

Super Moon
Super Moon is named after its shape; it is round - like the moon, and big, so super! Super Moon celebrates the inherent beauty and simplicity of shape, exhibiting strength and assurance with every engagement. Ideal for the front doors of your suburban Chinese restaurant, marble hall mausoleum or modernist suburban home.

Slightly more serious in approach, yet whimsical and imaginative. With the elements stripped back and reduced to only what is needed, the Associati is simple, minimalist – a line and a dot.

Entry details
LocationAdelaide - Australia
Lead designerMatiya Marovich
Design teamMatiya Marovich - Sans-Arc Studio, Emily Bradley - Co-CEO, Steve Bradley - Co-CEO
Photography creditsNatalie Turnbull -Campaign Stylist, Vic Zschommler - Campaign Imagery, Jonathan VDK - Project Imagery (Bowden Brewery), Brian Ferry - Project Imagery (Civilian Townhouse)
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