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Banco De México Museum

R I W A arquitectura

Short description

At the end of 2020, the Bank of Mexico decided to open a new Interactive Museum whose objective is to explain the functions of the Central Bank. The main building, whose construction dates to the beginning of the 20th century, was chosen as the site for this new museum. The design team developed each of its components: the architecture, the restoration of the building, the museum experience, the furniture that houses the exhibits, and the different engineering and technological integration of the displays.
The project consists of two permanent rooms in the PB: the Money Room and the Bank of Mexico Room. The main vault and the Private Cash room. The temporary exhibition hall, the new restrooms, and the museum store are located on the Mezzanine.
The team carefully restored both the bronze moldings and the columns to their original splendor and now stand in contrast with the dark and solemn space.
At the end of the lobby is the first interactive experience: an evocative video mapping of a stained-glass window that was designed but never materialized due to the artist's untimely death. It tells the story of the building and projects the original design of the stained-glass window, just as its author saw it.
The basement exhibits part of the Bank's numismatic collection in the safe deposit box room. The original vault was restored and became an immersive multimedia experience. These changes enabled the Bank vault's transformation into a didactic and multimedia experience teaching the users about the Bank, both as a building and an institution.
In the Mezzanine, a brass tunnel with lateral inground linear lighting leads the visitor to the small foyer of the restrooms that opens to a magnificent corner where never before seen views of both the Fine Arts Palace and the Postal Palace are appreciated. On the mezzanine floor towards the front of the building, the museum store complements the experience.
In conclusion, the project revitalized the building and gave the institution a new social and educational vocation.

Entry details
LocationMexico City
Lead designerRicardo Warman, Silvia Singer
Design teamMIDE (Museo Interactivo De Economía), R I W A arquitectura
Photography creditsJaime Navarro
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