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Bamboo Light

MOC Design Office

Short description

Bamboo holds a profound significance in Chinese traditional culture.
Within the culture context of China, bamboo represents integrity, resilience, and elegance, embodying the noble character and ethical virtue.

The character “Yin” encapsulates the essence of subtlety and seamless integration with the surrounding environment.

MOC has meticulously crafted the lamp body in the shape of bamboo using exquisite acrylic carving techniques. The resulting piece is then polished to perfection, rendering it transparent and sparkling. The base, fashioned from mirror-finished stainless steel, not only reflects the surrounding environment, but also merges with it, creating a harmonious unity.

As light passes through the transparent bamboo, it diffuses a soft and gentle radiance, symbolizing the purity of one’s character while blending with the environment. It serves as a poetic expression of the Oriental temperament.

Entry details
LocationShenzhen, China
Lead designerWu Xiuwei, Yang Zhenyu, Liang Ningsen
Photography creditsNie Xiaocong
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