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Bajío 307

BRAG Arquitectos

Short description

BAJÍO 307 is a residential complex located in Colonia Roma, Mexico City. The project is situated on an irregularly shaped property that was formed by merging different lots. The main challenge was an early-20th-century house located on one of the properties. Restored, now houses access and amenities: lobby, library, cafeteria, gym, roof garden… A corridor connects the house, two volumes of apartments and recreational areas: patios, pool area, gardens, and an artist’s studio.

The house, previously a school, had drywall divisions and plaster-coverings removed, wooden-windows and blacksmith-railings restored, bricks preserved. Renovation revealed the Catalan-vaulted ceiling. In central courtyard, original paste floors were preserved adding a water mirror, a green wall, and a sculpture by Aldo Chaparro. Open spaces have mural artworks by Cordelia Gonzalez and Rodrigo Roji, a tattoo artist.

For the firm it was important to generate a significant green footprint, a microclimate in the middle of the fully urbanized downtown area. There are 65’000 plants on ground floor, rooftops and 9,200 sq. m. of green walls that annually generate oxygen for 2'400 people, filter 125'350 kg of CO2, and trap up to 361.05 kg of dust, among other benefits to the environment. Free areas are 60% of property, instead of regulatory 20%. Existing trees were respected, species added consume little water. Rain catchment system for irrigation was programmed by a biologist. Regarding energy, lighting responds to sunlight with significant reduction in power consumption. Every year automation is optimized. Apartments have LED lighting and water-saving furniture. Towers oriented east-west direction, allow the greatest solar capture without increasing heat inside. Self-sustainability reduces pressure exerted on the neighborhood in water and energy provision.

BAJÍO 307 improves city and environment integrating green areas an history. Among dense urbanization it’s a landmark of heritage and greenery.

Entry details
LocationMexico City
Lead designerCristian Aguilar, Santiago Morales Broc
Design teamDesign: Hugo Sánchez, Alejandro Rodríguez, Nayeli Ramos | Landscaping: Kees Van Rooij / KVR Arquitectura de Paisaje | Interiors: PIÙ design | Restoration: sackbé
Photography creditsOnnis Luque, Zaickz Moz
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