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Baiteng Mountain Ecological Restoration Wetland Park

Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute(Group)co.,ltd.

Short description

Under the guidance of ecology, ecological restoration and protection of the site are carried out. The park uses vitality sports, popular science recreation, rock gardens, ecological wetlands, green corridors, dry creeks and other functional partitions to systematically layout and comprehensively display sponge facilities such as biological retention zones, biological filter beds, purified wet ponds, grass ditches, rainwater gardens, etc. The rainwater corridor with ecological science significance, the natural quiet corridor and the vitality sports area jointly create a wetland park that integrates ecological explanation, greening display, and activity experience.
Rainwater Corridor: A series of sponge facilities are arranged according to local conditions to realize the regulation and storage of rainwater. The ecological dry streams, purified wet ponds, biological filter beds, biological retention zones, recessed green spaces, and rain gardens along the way form a circle of ecological science popularization streamlines. The ecological dry creeks, rock gardens and wetland plank roads arranged between the mountains and lakes create original ecological and wild landscapes, allowing visitors to get close to nature in the city and experience the wit of nature exploration.

Entry details
LocationJinwan District,Zhuhai City,China
Studio NameShanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute(Group)co.,ltd.
Lead designerYang Lili, Li Yaqun, Luo Qiang, Chen Jian
Design teamLv Yongpeng, Yuan Jiamei, Huang Wenjuan, Gao Yang, Liang Yongxian, Li Xinjian, Xu Lei
Photography creditsShanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute(Group)co.,ltd.
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