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Aviva Photo Art Center

Reshape Structur

Short description

If the space is regarded as a whole, then the installation and display in the space are the indispensable texture of the whole. In the design of the front hall of art center, the ‘sky ladder’ runs through the whole area, bringing infinite daydream. The installation art not only carries the functions of the space, but also conveys the artistic atmosphere and cultural deposits.
The ‘sky ladder’ constantly rises and changes, presenting the visual melody of space in concrete form. The atmosphere of ancient rhyme and modern space art are integrated, and the green plants create a comfortable natural style and set off each other with the neat lines.
Gray meeting area with neat lines, vast visual sense leaves a strong impression. Ladder links dreamy clouds, breaking gravity, filling the whole sky.
This is not only like to create a kind of epic landscape, but also like the continuation of beautiful fairy tale, dancing, in rising, upward posture, as well romantic thoughts emerging in endlessly.
The transformation of lights and shadow enables mirror reflect fantasy. Selection area aims to create a private and humanized space, and integrates modern simple artistic techniques to awaken people's beautiful romantic memory.
The simple design of random display cases in the high-end jewelry area makes every piece of jewelry appear as art works.
The dress area uses a vast tract of gray to match colorful bouquet, which visually creates strong color impact and gives the space a new artistic conception. Mirror infinite refraction spreads to the whole fitting room, making the space more extended. Curve change as inspiration, Aviva Photo features infiltrate into space.
Explore refraction in the ultimate space, through reasonable regional division, pushing the romance and aesthetics of wedding dress to the extreme, so that every sense of happiness and ceremony stably precipitate.
The designer presents the future of the space with simple design, and will show the present and future of Aviva here.

Entry details
LocationWuhan, China
Studio NameReshape Structur
Lead designerZhang Xuan
Design teamXu Jing, Chen Yan, Yu Sen, Liu Shuai
Photography creditsReshape Structur/Cai Wei
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