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Aurora Lodge

Snorre Stinessen Architecture

Project description

Located in the remote Lyngen Alps this private chalet is organized within a main structure comprising two units and terraces, a separate suite and a sauna across the creek. With respect for nature being the key inspirations for this project, the design endeavors to complement the site, with the main building stretching out across the natural plateau. High ceilings and seamless glass walls invite the sky and landscape into the building. The concrete floor and terraces are an extension of the natural terrain. A simplistic A-frame design echoes a fundamental shelter; however here tilted back from the seaside to an angle where the roof is aligned with the surrounding terrain, to provide privacy on one side and panoramic views on the other. The main unit houses five bedrooms with private, en-suite bathrooms and a living room. The northernmost unit houses the kitchen and dining room, designed like a ‘winter garden’ observatory to provide fantastic views across the sea to the horizon.

Project details
Location:Lyngen - Norway
Studio NameSnorre Stinessen Architecture
Lead designerSnorre Stinessen
Design teamEmanuela Bonardi, Camilla Austad
Photography creditsSnorre Stinessen
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