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Sofia von Hauske

Short description

Nighttime is often the only time of day in which a child is left to face their thoughts, emotions, and fears by themselves; it is when their imagination is free to run wild. Nighttime fears start around the age of two through preschool and are common phenomena in healthy child development.

A child having a healthy sleep entails getting a sufficient amount of uninterrupted sleep and developing a sleeping schedule. Findings have demonstrated that children with nighttime fears have less sleep and poorer quality sleep.

Unlike regular nightlights, Aura's purpose is not to illuminate but rather to remind the child that he is not alone. It uses the familiar shape of a house to make a meaningful connection between the device and the child.

The creation of rituals and soothing methods taught by parents so that children can go through them by themselves when they feel afraid is very important.

Empowering the child by giving them control is also important when facing this issue.

Offering a security object is very often recommended and has been very positive results. It helps the child feel like the environment is safer; it can be something like a blanket, a stuffed animal, or even a flashlight.

Aura lights up to allude to the idea of someone being home when the lights are on to try to draw from the innate comfort we attribute to being home.

Aura serves as a security object that comforts children, making them feel safer at night. In addition, it gives children the power to create a safe environment when they feel scared of the dark.

Entry details
LocationNew York City, USA
Lead designerSofia von Hauske
Photography creditsSofia von Hauske
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