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Audrey Boutique

Liang Architecture Studio

Short description

This project is a multi-brand fashion boutique named after Audrey Hepburn. Based on the boutique owner's requirements and brands introduced into the store, the design team explored the attitude that the space was intended to convey. This determined a design approach that not merely started from forms or visual effects.
The classic, eternal and confident attitude expressed by this fashion boutique defines the brand's positioning and target customers. The design team didn't pursue trendy design for this store, but intended to build connection between eternity and balance, and dialogue between past and future.
The design team believes that space is formed by objects, so objects are the basis of functions and layering of space. They utilized graceful curves and sharp geometric elements to shape the forms of structures and display props in the store, and meanwhile adopted symmetric languages to construct the overall space.
The meticulous material selection defines the spatial form and layout to some extent. The soft fabrics and retro wood textures weaken the coolness and rigidness brought by concrete and metal. The material textures and structural forms help blur the boundaries between different areas, and endow the space with changes and greater value.
Graceful curves outline plain concrete display structures, which generate a comfortable, artistic and free spatial atmosphere along with the hanging clothes.
The designers reshaped the architectural space through interior structures. With similar or varying forms, those structures are given different functions and attributes. The textures of the space and structures are simple, but expressive.The spiral staircase connects the two floors of the store, and creates a visual highlight with its strong hue and spiral shape. In addition, the soft textile cladding the steps adds a romantic and dynamic ambience to the space.
The second floor functions as a VIP display area. In order to give the consumption experience with a sense of ritual, the designers introduced church-like structures into the space. This floor continues the central-axis-based composition and symmetric languages of 1F, and features a sense of ritual and holiness. It's free, yet sedate to some degree.
In the design of space aesthetics, the aesthetic concept of sustainability, the past and the future together, so that the trend is no longer a flash in the pan. Space and brand dialogue, establish an attitude, to the market to send a new message, the pursuit of an eternal beauty.

Entry details
LocationHangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Lead designerXu Liang
Design teamSun Yongfang, Zhou Zesi, Wang Xinyan, Li Qing, Lu Xin, Xu Liang
Photography creditsShao Feng
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