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Short description

A new 4-star ATLANTIC Hotel was erected in downtown Münster with seven stories and an underground carpark. It features 224 rooms, a ballroom, a restaurant, conference areas, and a spa and wellness zone.

The central location in the direct vicinity of the Old Town is ideal, but also constituted a major intervention in the city’s fabric. The design hinges on the vibrant interplay of the Atlantic Hotel’s façade, which is mirrored in the glass of the carpark, and the way it interacts with the small public plaza that opens onto the promenade. Irrespective of the direction from which you approach the hotel, it has emerged as a prime address and also functions an extension of downtown.

That said, in addition to the urban context, the leitmotif of the private hotel chain also played a major role and thus was given a clear personal touch to set it off from the standard offerings of the large hotel chains.

The result need shy no comparison: a modern hotel with a bright, curving façade that emulates the line of the plaza out front, floor-to-ceiling windows right round, a sky bar, a sixth-floor 380 m² large events room likewise boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, and a roof terrace with a quite superb view out over Münster’s Old Town.

The hotel’s characteristic façade is the visual highlight of the design. The bright, curved façade seems to reject any fixed layout rule with its playful rows of prefabricated window elements.
On the top floor, the façade has consciously been designed differently and thus relies on one single window onto the city. The cube-shaped roof terrace that juts out over the roof ridge is one of the very few places in Münster that provides a view out over the roofs of the city and a glorious panorama.

Entry details
LocationMuenster - Germany
Studio Name KRESINGS
Lead designerKilian Kresing, Rainer Maria Kresing
Design teamThomas Vöge, Timm Schlarmann, Natalie Akulenko, Steven Gorgon, Natalie Reufer-Wülfing, Quang Dao Le
Photography creditsHG Esch
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