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Ascent® Glass Windscreen

Trex Commercial Products

Product description

Ascent® marks Trex Commercial Products’ bold entry into the windscreen market. This easy-to-install, post-supported glass system takes commercial design possibilities to new heights by delivering unparalleled wind protection that elevates the outdoor environment and experience for building tenants. Featuring ½” laminated glass with aluminum posts and steel stanchions, Ascent is an ideal solution for protecting outdoor pools, dining areas, balconies and terraces at virtually any elevation. Its innovative design exceeds industry standards and surpasses the performance of other commercial windscreen offerings. While most systems are capable of handling 10psf wind loads, Ascent is designed for 8x that amount, with a qualified wind load of up to 80psf. This increased protection allows for applications at much higher altitudes. Innovative snap-fit aluminum posts make for quick, safe and easy assembly. Unlike traditional glass windscreens that require installers to lift large panes of glass and slide them in from the top of the post system, Ascent glass panels are installed from the front. This approach significantly reduces installation time and helps to keep projects on track and within budget. At a standard height of 6 ft., Ascent provides effective coverage for furniture and tenants; however, the product’s height is completely customizable to complement any project specifications and setting. Ascent has literally elevated the category with a solution that delivers a premium aesthetic, exceeds industry standards, accommodates heightened applications and is easy to install. It makes outdoor areas more useful and enjoyable by providing protection while optimizing views.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameTrex Commercial Products
Lead designerJon Chase
Team MembersNick Bauer, Chris Altringer
Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota - USA
Photography creditsTrex Commercial Products
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