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Entekhab Design Center

Product description

Arte TV stand is designed as a piece of furniture, using wood as the dominant material to display the television elegantly. Since wood is highly used in most Iranian handicrafts and artworks, it allows the user to design the back of this TV stand by various types of local art. The back of the stand has a sliding mat cover that hides devices and cables behind the television, creating a neat, uncluttered look. It also helps the air circulation, letting the board stay cool. Considering flat and broken-plan design trends are increasing, Arte TV stand can be placed anywhere in the house to create various distinctive areas.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameEntekhab Design Center
Lead designerMeysam Ghasemi
Team MembersFarid Hatami, Hamed Shafie Naderi
Location:Isfahan - Iran
Photography creditsFarid Hatami

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