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Art Toy Cafe

Kris Lin International Design

Short description

01. Trendy Art and Space
In the Internet era, the attention economy is one of the underlying logic of the "Internet celebrity" space. The "new" space is different from the unique experience of the same type of commercial space, creating experience scenes is based on the new interpretation of the traditional space. This case will be a combination of coffee and art toy Internet celebrity cafes. Coffee strengthens the social attributes of space, art toys into the space soul. To create a social utopia for Generation Z.
02. Cafe
Taking the ROBBi art as the spiritual subject of space, the designer defines the users of the space as the wanderers of the unknown time and space, who are both users and explorers.
The designer took the space capsule as the design idea and extracted design elements to create a trendy cafe in terms of texture, lighting and color. The whole cafe is like a living room in the vast universe, here to rest, empty, daze, chat, and dialogue with the space.
The arc design symbolizes the beauty of the curve of celestial bodies. The white bar is designed with soft, smooth lines and a sense of luster, showing the unique sleek comfort of space furniture. The different splicing methods of the built-in sofa create different social atmospheres. Metallic tone not only has a strong science fiction attribute, but also brings infinite extension of mechanical aesthetics. The polished stainless steel furniture presents a mirror effect, and the colored transparent gel furniture expresses the space atmosphere of future science and technology.

Entry details
LocationTianjin - China
Lead designerKris Lin, Anda Yang
Photography creditsKLID
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