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Art Gallery Karl Plattner

UPC Architects Folie Bortondello Santa

Project description

With the merge of the “Mohrenwirt” and the Hotel Plavina, a connection between the two facilities became necessary. The famous post – war era painter Karl Plattner was a well – known habitué of the “Mohrenwirt”; witnessed by the extensive collection of unpublished paintings housed here. As a result, the connection between the two accommodation facilities was designed as art gallery, to finally present the so long hidden pieces of this great artist. To capture his style, the art gallery became a winding corridor with clear lines and comprehensible area limitation. His love for wide chromatic fields, that can be found in most of his works, is represented as space to flaunt the individual artworks. Another key aesthetic in Plattners compositions has been the three-dimensionality on a pure surface. To translate this fundamental attitude, we designed the art gallery with a vertical movement as you walk through it. As the horizontal movement of the art gallery represents the line guidance of the painter, the slight height difference between the two entries and the centre of the gallery, can be interpreted as the three-dimensional movement of the artist. This winding corridor with its narrowing and broadening on a three – dimensional movement, gives the guest privacy while viewing a painting and space to talk about it. Plattners colour - palette consisted mostly of natural and washed out colours since more importance was given to the geometry of his paintings. These often-pale artworks gain more depth as the artist’s vision and emotion becomes visible. Material choices were made based of off the colour scheme of the drawings and as such were pretty straightforward: a bright industrial floor, exposed concrete walls and a ceiling made of black wooden wool panels.

Project details
Location:Burgeis, Vinschgau - Italy
Studio NameUPC Architects Folie Bortondello Santa
Lead designerThomas Bortondello, Robert Folie, Immanuel Santa, Roland Schorn
Photography creditsMatthias Vinatzer
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