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Armchairs in Pose

Nimkat Studio

Photographed by:

Farzad Bagherzadeh

Short description

"SA" is a design company co-founded by Alireza Emtiaz and Saqar Kahkdan in Shiraz, IRAN. In a brief introduction, Sa designs and manufactures sculptural furniture inspired by the heritage of Persian calligraphy.

This assignment was based on a straight approach to Sa's products in a real interior, instead of a white backdrop. Incorporating walls with light, colors, and a piece of furniture gave an impression of the living environment without overstating the scene.
The interior was created for the purpose of a prop studio and commercial photo- sessions. The photographer integrated the different levels of the space to create a cohesive visual energy around the product.

The products are made of carbon fiber material with a glossy surface. As a result, the surface of the products reflects the haze light from the studio strobes. So the challenge was to minimize the reflections while the light outshines the curvature of the products.

In general, colors and light together created a type of personality for each armchair, as if they were posing for the camera.

Entry details
LocationTehran, Iran
Studio Name Nimkat Studio
Photographer NameFarzad Bagherzadeh
Design teamAlireza Emtiaz, Saqar Khakdan (Sa Design Co)
Photography creditsFarzad Bagherzadeh
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