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Armchair TUTTU Monteur

Levantin design

Short description

Armchair TUTTU Monteur was developed in collaboration with the modern Polish furniture brand Artu. The replaceable soft parts allowed us to create a set of module armchairs, united by their friendly design. The name of this armchair modification is the French word which means "editor". It is inspired by the person who deliberately cuts off everything extra, leaving the core itself. Monteur became the embodiment of this craft due to its neat appearance and thorough detail consideration. Its distinctive features are rounded and harmonic shapes of its seat and back placed on the universal steel frame, and the main edging line marking its silhouette underlines its pure image.

We got deep into studying the soft part, having created a removable external covering with two separate sections for the back and the seat. It can be easily attached to the carcass with convenient Velcro fasteners. The internal pillows consist of the combination of foam polyurethane, the main softening material, and felt padding for elasticity. Therefore, the seating became additionally comfortable and more stable in terms of operation (for many years). This also allows using it in both home environment and in more formal places and waiting rooms. It has the reading back angle according to the types of seating ergonomics of Alvar Aalto of 1931.

- Exhibited at international exhibitions Maison&Objet 2022, Barcelona Design Week 2022, Warsaw Home&Contract 2022, Kiev International Furniture Forum 2020.
- IDA Award 2022 Silver.
- Year of creation: 2020.
- Year of production: 2022.
- Manufacture: ARTU.

Entry details
LocationKharkiv, Ukraine
Lead designerSergei Lvov
Photography creditsSergei Lvov, Aleksandr Lvov
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