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Argyronisos Fish Market


Project description

Argyronisos fish market is located in Santorini, one of the most popular islands of Greece. The ancient name of Santorini was Strogyli, which means Circle, and that gave the main inspiration for the shop's highlighted form. This history-based philosophy led to a luxury fish boutique preserving that strong connection with nature. Blue, white and gold, is this store’s basic color palette. Blue for the color of the sea - the natural environment of fishes - white for the color of Santorini's houses, and gold for the color of the sun. Biotope aquariums, simulating natural environments, bring eternal and relaxing water sounds. At the same time showcases with marble-like countertops, having sanitary characteristics are providing hygienic surfaces. On any occasion, technologically advanced mechanisms are used to support the internal operation. The focal point of the store is the cylindrical showcases, defined by rings hanging precisely above them, as lighted crowns. The materials, combine the sustainability of local "patiti" (volcanic cement-based decorative material) with smooth and shining surfaces simulating the reflections of the sea that surround us.

Project details
Location:Santorini - Greece
Lead designerGrigoria Kyrkoudi
Design teamMaria Riga, Ioannis Mogolias
Photography creditsDreamodd photography
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