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Apo – an Inclusive and Intelligent Water Bottle

HCL Technologies Ltd. / STRIDE

Short description

For ages, everyday objects don’t accommodate the differently abled and simple needs like getting oneself some hot water can become a tedious task. apo is an intelligent water bottle solution for people with disabilities. Our effort was to design a solution which empowers the user to be independent.

An inclusive design that can be customized with its modular design, the system allows the caretaker or the user to configure and select options from various accessories meant to increase accessibility.

The bottle is divided into three parts. Different tops with varying levels of accessibility features, like a sipper attachment or a one-of-a-kind mechanical pump that fills up the top cup and sanitizes it. The middle section offers multiple handles to grip the bottle and a large clip attachment, making it easier to hang on beds and wheelchairs.

The bottle comes with a dock that warms the water to the optimum temperature for immediate and safe consumption and has an insulated enclosure that keeps its contents warm and safe from accidental falls.

Entry details
LocationBengaluru - India
Studio NameHCL Technologies Ltd. / STRIDE
Lead designerJeevan Jai Raj
Design teamAmey Shukla, Anubhav Sircar, Jeevan Jai Raj & Shrutika Dandekar
Photography creditsJeevan Jai Raj
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