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AOK Rheinland/Hamburg Branch Office

kplus konzept GmbH

Short description

Healthcare in transformation:
Focus on service character and feel-good factor for customers and employees. A new interior concept for the branch offices of 'AOK Rheinland/Hamburg' (health insurance company).

Space has been created for everyone: Consultation areas, waiting zones and seating design consider all customer groups from newborns to seniors, big and small, young and old, singles and families, people with and without physical limitations. A large open waiting area with a seating gallery, single armchairs and side tables, the 'family waiting area' with round family table and seating for children. At the 'health station', waiting time can be bridged with movement and infotainment. An open space offers freely selectable face-to-face scenarios for conversation, and for sensitive consultations there are all-around shielded, sound-insulated 'consultation boxes'.
The reception counter is reminiscent of a hotel reception. The AOK green and warm wood accents signal a welcome atmosphere. The coffee point, a counter with bar stools and coffee machine, serves as a quick consultation and event bar.
Health marketplace. In addition to classic consultation, information and training offers take place. Mobile, foldable and stackable furniture and flexible technical equipment ensure changeability.
Functional. Acoustically effective surfaces and floor coverings that reduce impact sound increase the comfort of consultation in open-plan room design. Sound absorbers include multilayer felt wall panels, bucket seats, and more.
Sustainable. Maximum daylight, a balanced color palette, real plant wall and green plants improve room climate and well-being.
Resource-saving materials and climate-friendly technologies: For furnishings and materials, attention was paid to the relevant test and environmental labels. Selection criteria included freedom from pollutants, emissions and durability. Recycled materials and furniture are essential components.
Scalable for around 60 AOK offices with different floor plans. The furnishing concept is applied to areas of 200 sqm to 2,000 sqm in NRW and Hamburg.

Entry details
LocationMönchengladbach, Germany
Lead designerKristina Jakobsche
Design teamVera Velkova, Florian Wickermann
Photography creditskplus konzept
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