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António Fernandez Architects

Short description

António Fernandez Architects is an architectural company based in Portugal. Our main goal is to design spaces based on the concept of architecture, as a timeless form of expression and art of living that can transform and shape those who use it and the society that comes into contact with it. The office has a specialised and diversified technical team, dedicated to the design of spaces, whether small or large, instilling in its creation the same rigour and devotion in the idealisation, realisation and materialisation of design pieces, furniture and architectural work. António Fernandez Architects architecture expresses desires, sensations and a strong appreciation of local identity and themes through reinterpretation and innovation. We also believe that besides experiencing architecture, it is important to feel it as a living sculpture, which manifests itself from the inside and exposes itself in the landscape. Because architecture as art touches the large scale of the sculpture of spaces, from which life flows. The architecture that differentiates itself and moves people. Sculptural architecture that intersects with habitable sculpture. Thus, the creative act of António Fernandez Architects, binds itself in the unique holistic architecture, touches the handmade concept, that seeks to conceive the piece and the unique space, innovative, deeply rooted in the reinterpretation of the site and in the conciliation of various artistic expressions, with the capacity to generate emotion and differentiation. António Fernandez Architects architecture, as an art of living spaces, is often characterized by audacity, ecstasy and daring, with explosions of colour, integrating art with art, assuming itself as a differentiated, geofriendly and original architecture, which has led to original and unique projects and works, which mark the territory in a positive way, unanimously accepted and distinguished internationally with numerous renowned awards, television programmes and interviews, and publications in architectural books.

Entry details
Location:Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
Lead designerAntónio Fernandez & Ema Rosmaninho
Design teamAntónio Fernandez, Ema Rosmaninho, Ruben Rodrigues, Bruno Silvestre
Photography creditsFernando Guerra; José Campos; António Fernandez Architects
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