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ANNA Stay model 2022


Short description

ANNA Stay Model 2022 has two protective sliding shells that allow you to open up, live in the outdoors and blend with nature. The inner shell is made of double glass, the outer shell is made of wood. By adjusting the two shells ANNA changes and adapts to the weather, your mood or the occasion. In wintertime, the insulated wooden shell of ANNA keeps the warmth inside like a thick winter coat. In spring or autumn, the glass keeps the rain outside or lets the sun in to warm up the space. In all seasons you can live and sleep under the glass or in the outdoors with protective layers within reach. ANNA allows to connect to a reality in which we naturally belong.

Most people in developed countries have never slept outdoors in their lives, let alone woken up under a massive motherly tree or fell asleep with the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. People naturally tend to project their fears onto nature. And of course, nature certainly is not always a peaceful place. Nature can be overwhelming, suffocating, and merciless. But her breath-taking beauty and cosmic force makes that we are in deep awe. Questions disappear, because rivers, mountains, trees don’t have to be questioned. When we feel her life energy and surrender to her natural rhythm and follow her pace, with every breath we take and every heart beat we make, we slowly come home. Nature has always been our first home.

ANNA is not a cabin. ANNA is a spaceship. A spaceship that brings people back to Planet Earth. Back to a reality that is so magical and so incomprehensibly beautiful that you can hardly believe it is real. But yet it is.

Short conceptual film ‘ANNA’:

Entry details
LocationWIldlife reserve De Biesbosch, The Netherlands
Studio Name ANNA
Lead designerCaspar Schols
Design teamLiz Muller, Dennis Janssen, Jessica van Hoek, Reina van der Poll, Piet Oostervink, David Sie
Photography creditsJorrit 't Hoen
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