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Landscape | Residential

Andesite Ridge Retreat

Design Workshop, Inc.

Project description

A modernist vision of simplicity, volume, and natural materials, the landscape architecture of Andesite Ridge Retreat employs a creative combination of engineering, technology, and artistry to capture and manage on-site stormwater in a manner that responds to challenging site conditions while acting as an experiential art installation, one that celebrates the imposing infinite boundaries of a landscape shaped by wind, fire, and the erosive power of flowing water and ice. The design—an artful composition of bold geometries and textures—calls attention to a dramatic and ecologically-rich environment through a series of restrained interventions that extend the visual and functional relationships of the home into the landscape, while simultaneously dissolving the barrier between designed space and natural environment. This approach, when synthesized with proper forest management and vigorous construction management practices, results in a place, crisply executed through a nocturnal palette of stone, steel, and wood, that disappears into the surrounding forest, protects the site’s visual character, and reinforces the client’s environmental values.

Project details
Location:Montana - USA
Studio NameDesign Workshop, Inc.
Lead designerMike Albert
Design teamBen Roush, Mike Tunte
Photography creditsBrandon Huttenlocher
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