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An Yin

Guangzhou Miuhefeisi Design Co., Ltd.

Project description

Minimalist at heart, deep in cutting, happy to cut. A renovation of an old warehouse, giving the space a new mission Using space as a medium, cutting as a bridge, retrieving the beautiful relationship with this piece of clothing, and tracing back to the original simple lines of the shape, the spirit of "deep cutting and cutting" is derived from the gratitude to the geometric. Pursue recognition of the lifestyle, respect oneself, respect others, and respect clothing. Slowly gather from work and life, feel the satisfaction brought by rigorous cutting and the harmonious coexistence relationship with the space, and experience the real poetic sensuality.

Project details
Location:Guangzhou City, China
Studio NameGuangzhou Miuhefeisi Design Co., Ltd.
Lead designerXinbo Wang
Design teamXinbo Wang, Jiangfeng Liu
Photography creditsCanyu Lin

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