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Amoeba Public Restroom

People's Architecture Office

Short description

The Amoeba Public Restroom is an all-gender facility that is designed to be inclusive. A single meandering wall defines individual stalls. These are encompassed within a single amorphous room. Conical spaces form light wells that draw natural light into each stall. The resulting spaces bring a sacred beauty to the most profane of activities.

Every stall has a different shape and size. The Amoeba Public Restroom is designed to not discriminate, whether people have disabilities, are families with kids, or are gender non-conforming. Stall doors do not seal area above or below, leaving the continuity of the space exposed. The cohesive space places an emphasis on inclusion rather than segregation. At each end of the building are wash basins that are shared amongst all visitors.

Entry details
Lead designerHe Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Design teamYang Quanyue, Wen Hao, Lyu Boge
Photography creditsZhu Yumeng
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