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Architecture | Multi Unit Housing



Short description

ALMA is a residential development located in Brasília's newest sustainable neighborhood, Noroeste. The project consists of 24 apartments and pays homage to the architectural style from the time of the city's foundation in the 1950s. Its facade is adorned with exposed concrete and vertical rectangular elements. Additionally, it features movable wooden brises, providing both sun protection and a striking contrast between the rawness of concrete and the elegance of wood. The apartment balconies are complemented with planters and landscaping using native vegetation from the cerrado biome of Brasília. This combination of concrete, wood, and greenery creates a harmonious composition, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

Entry details
LocationBrasília - Brasil
Studio Name Lotus
Lead designerValéria Gontijo + Arquitetos
Photography creditsJoana França
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