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Studio Paolo Ferrari

Project description

Alchemy is an innovative flagship that rejects staid cannabis clichés to deliver a cerebral experience infused with artistry, nature, and technology. The aesthetic is directly informed by the brand’s identity, which celebrates the tension that exists in the world of cannabis. Specifically, that it grows naturally in the earth, but still benefits from the worlds of science and artistry to develop high-quality products. Not dissimilar to this alchemic transformation, the flagship melds high-tech ingenuity with natural materials to create an elevated space that feels much like a high fashion house or contemporary design boutique. The apothecary-like space lands somewhere between a laboratory and a temple. It is a serene environment with energetic bursts. There is a wabi-sabi quality to the materiality, where the handmade and earthen is contrasted by highly technical materials. For us, this project is about celebrating the cannabis experience through a highly considered, multi-sensory environment. This unconventional flagship presents a highly architectural feast for the senses, with a sublime artistic soul.

Project details
Location:Toronto, Canada
Studio NameStudio Paolo Ferrari
Lead designerPaolo Ferrari
Design teamShelley Tang - Senior Designer, Joanna Wenderska - Senior Designer, Courtney Lauderdale - Merchandising Lead
Photography creditsJoel Esposito
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