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Above The Clouds

Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd. + IAPA PTY. LTD

Project description

Located at the highest pitch being 2.5 km away from Tengchong Beihai Wetland, the art center has a 16m level difference, which makes it either an entrance of ascending or a stage of scenery. The gaps: the art center consists of 8 buildings of diverse functions, area, and height. The staggered spaces create yards and gaps, from where the external scenery is available. The paths: taking every 5 steps as a unit, the paths run across the indoor and outdoor spaces up and down, where the buildings turn into art exhibits standing next to the wetland. The light: white metal tension nets with small meshes are adopted to cover the buildings, which looks like a waterfall running between mountains. The transparent design expands the edges and scale of the buildings.

Project details
Location:Tengchong, China
Studio NameShanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd. + IAPA PTY. LTD
Lead designerPeng Shen, Lan Guo
Photography creditsShanghai JUND Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd.
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