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Entekhab Design Center

Product description

Abgin tea maker owns its elegance to the harmony of its minimal form and details. Stand, kettle, and pot are three main parts of this product, integrated perfectly. Using ceramic as a sustainable and local material provides a unique experience for the users. Moreover, handles are changeable to wood, metal, or ceramic based on the user's choice. This tea maker offers an uncomplicated and user-friendly method of making tea via a touch button. Once the water reaches the ideal temperature (50-100 degrees), each number on display lights up and notifies the user. Additionally, the steam system automatically will keep the water warm until it turns off again. Thanks to the line pattern on the stand, the kettle can be positioned firmly on it.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameEntekhab Design Center
Lead designerMeysam Ghasemi
Team MembersMolood Sadat Tavakoli
Location:Isfahan - Iran
Photography creditsMolood Sadat Tavakoli
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