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Architecture | Concept & Unbuilt

A villa for a mother

AAD Architecture Office

Project description

The aim of this villa was to provide tranquility and welfare of mother so we decided to name it, a villa for mother. When we entered this project, it was on its construction process. The initial structure of the villa had many problems and it wasn’t following any concept. While we visited the location of this villa which was in Damavand, Jasmin alley, we got inspired by all the jasmine flowers that surrounded the streets and alleys around our site. So we decided to create several protrusions in our southern façade which made us to add some parts to the previous structure. By orienting this building (like the petals of jasmine flowers) towards the front view of this building, we tried to percent this building as a living creature which is moving and growing on its own.

Project details
Location:Damavand, Iran
Studio NameAAD Architecture Office
Lead designerHossein Hassani- Amin Habibi
Design teamMona Qasemi-Shiva Hasani - Fatemeh Azimi-
Photography creditsAAD Architecture Office & Hossein Hasani
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