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A nearby place

Onexn Architectural & Spatial Design Office (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Short description

The project which is named “A Nearby Place” is a community restaurant with an outdoor square.
The highlight of the project lies in the discussion on and shaping of public space. As a project attached to the topic of village in the city, it discussed how to provide an effective vitalization approach and community strategy for the fast-developing city. The design itself did not want to put stress on any techniques, but focused on how to embody the concepts of community life. The life concepts were mainly inspired by the experience and feeling of the site. In addition to functioning as a dining space, the square can hold singing competition, salon activities, etc. The stair-like facade space well harmonizes with surrounding areas. People can casually chat with friends and enjoy daily activities here.
Upon completion, the project has become a gathering place for hosting community activities,transforming a formerly negative place into a positive and meaningful public community space.

Entry details
LocationShenzhen, China
Lead designerZhang Bo,Wang Jingjing
Design teamLi Wenjing, Feng Tiankai
Photography creditsZhang Chao , Luo Canhui
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