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8X On The Park

GBL Architects

Short description

8X On The Park sits along the edge of Emery Barnes Park in the City of Vancouver’s vibrant Yaletown neighbourhood. This 35-storey mixed-use residential development is LEED Gold certified and integrates market and rental housing with retail and childcare at grade.

The tower's design addresses multiple contextual variables, including a neighbouring heritage apartment that establishes an urban scale and cadence along one side and numerous buildings of varying heights that reflect the increasing densification of Yaletown. Emery Barnes Park presents a critical third contextual zone, offering proximity to public space.

To address these variables as well as physical constraints presented by a compact site and two protected view corridors, the tower is subdivided into multi-faceted contextual zones, each with specifically tailored functional and aesthetic characteristics. The building is bisected along its north/south axis into two volumes. The base is further articulated with a third volume that echoes the scale of the heritage building to the west. Continuity is maintained across these volumes through repeating eight-storey modules that reference the adjacent structure.

The base addresses the immediate urban context with stone cladding and vertical fins that appear monolithic when viewed obliquely. The west half of the bisected tower addresses the park with a horizontal expression of balconies to offer expansive outdoor spaces. Four modules, each delineated by a continuous metal-clad band that relates to the prominent heritage building cornice, have varied balcony extents that minimize overlook at lower floors and maximize views at higher floors.

The east half of the tower is fully glazed with inset balconies for minimal vertical interruption. The southeast curtain wall is wrapped with diagonal louvers to mitigate solar gains. The shading devices balance solar shading with light infiltration and views, creating an engaging visual pattern that gives the tower a striking presence in the skyline.

Entry details
LocationVancouver - Canada
Studio Name GBL Architects
Lead designerJoey Stevens
Design teamAndrew Emmerson, Scott Restemeyer, Rod Forbes, Stu Lyon
Photography credits01-07 - Ema Peter / 08 - Raef Grohne
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