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53 degrees Foothill Coffee Whiskey Pavilion

Dayi Design

Short description

How to continue the history and retain the appearance in people's memory and inspire new vitality is the direction of the design team's exploration. The ancient wooden doors of the original building are removed, sealed in acrylic panels, and supported by stone piers to form a screen arranged on both sides, creating a historical atmosphere at the same time, with spacing and suspension to release the sense of air, and the heavy sense of antiquities offset each other, but also grow each other.
The roof cut a line, just like the "flying white" in Chinese calligraphy, in the overall dark color space more impact, break dreary. The skylight is designed according to the direct sunlight Angle of jiangyin latitude 31 degrees north, reflecting the abstract time with concrete light and shadow. Lead a beam of sky light into the room, the track of shadow and shadow across, compose the melody of a day, and the flow and change of every day, and play the four seasons.
In the design of the hall and bar, saibo elements are introduced to pull in the sense of science and technology and the sense of the future, advancing the theme of time and space. The use of modern industrial materials to shape the traditional Chinese style, the continuation of the form and content of the conflict. At the same time, the unified part of the material to grasp the overall harmony, so that the elegant but not messy.
In addition to the main light source, red and blue laser neon lights are added to the design to enhance the sense of future and atmosphere with visual stimulation, just like being in a virtual scene. In this functional space, unique chemical reactions are catalyzed with alcohol.

Entry details
LocationJiangyin - China
Studio NameDayi Design
Lead designerZhou Yi, Chang Jingliang
Design teamChen Shiyi, Guo Zihao, Meng Linghui
Photography creditsingallery
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