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LOOP Donations Program.

We believe in the power of Architecture to change people lives

We are very proud to announce that LOOP Design Awards created ‘LOOP Donations Program’ to help people in need and raise awareness for important causes.
Every year we will select one or more social projects to help and will donate 2$ for every entry at LOOP Design Awards.


We will donate 2$ for every entry at LOOP Design Awards

Social Responsibility

Help people in need and raise awareness for important causes


We will always keep you updated about LOOP Donations Program

We donated $750USD to PAAJAF Foundation

The first edition of LOOP Design Awards allowed us all to donate $750USD to PAAJAF Foundation and help children in Ghana.

Give a Child in Ghana a Safe Place to Learn

Paajaf Foundation - A partnership with LOOP Donations Program

PAAJAF runs pre and primary schools providing education for children from poor families in the Gbawe region of Greater Accra in Ghana.
The school is not only an educational center but a safe place for young children to learn, play and be part of a loving community.
By providing a welcoming place through the year, PAAJAF will be able to bring the possibility of a better future and improve opportunities for this Ghanaian community.
Long-term impact
PAAJAF programs strive to provide quality education for the children in Ghana, to improve their health and social conditions, increased self-esteem, and increase their sense of belonging within the communities. A safe and welcoming place for our children is the best way to start this journey.
Photography provided by PAAJAF Foundation - Mallam-Accra, Greater Accra - Ghana
LOOP Design Awards donated 2$USD for every entry at the award to PAAJAF Foundation program.
The donation took place after the end of the submissions period. We donated a total amount of $750USD.
It is our compromise to all participants, jury and partners of LOOP Design Awards, to keep you updated at all times about LOOP Donations Program.

About Paajaf Foundation

Organization Information

LOCATION: Mallam-Accra, Greater Accra – Ghana
WEBSITE: www.paajaf.org
FACEBOOK: PAAJAF Foundation Page

Paajaf Foundation has earned its recognition on GlobalGiving Croudfunding website

Vetted since 2008
PAAJAF has been vetted by GlobalGiving’s rigorous due diligence process

Effective nonprofit
GlobalGiving recognizes PAAJAF partner for their efforts to learn, improve and grow their impact.

Site visit verified
GlobalGiving’s representative has visited this organization and verified the work they are doing.

Learn more about the project on Global Giving website