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Chuanglin Jinchenglanwan – 创霖·锦程澜湾

Hangzhou MUSUN Landscape Design Co., Ltd

Short description

Hefei is an ancient city with a history of more than 2,000 years. It is named after both the Dongfei River and the Nanfei River originate here.

Regarding the city interface, we hope to redefine the concept of walls. Walls are not barriers used to isolate the inside and outside, but sails floating on the stars, carrying buildings hidden in the secrets of the city. Visitors are infected by a kind of situational atmosphere that seems to be absent from the moment before entering the venue. We build an aesthetic space in it to construct an ideal living art experience.

Going up the steps step by step, from the open to the deep, the field of vision shrinks, and there is a feeling of walking through the canyon. The waterfront connects art and life, and meets the stars unexpectedly. In the distance, the water body is progressive, the mottled tree shadows, and the rhythmic lights use artistic language to describe the moment of tranquility in this time to the greatest extent, making visitors feel as if they have strayed into a secret realm.

At the beginning of the design, after seeing the appearance of the building, we intend to continue the modern style and strive to create a living art museum that is unified with the architectural vocabulary. Therefore, the design technique is relatively restrained. We use broken lines to combine the construction of the wall with the building to create a pure and mysterious atmosphere. This is the origin of the Inspiration Life Art Museum.

Entry details
LocationHefei, Anhui, China
Studio NameHangzhou MUSUN Landscape Design Co., Ltd
Lead designerReyes Jose Noel Laudit
Design teamzhoufeng TANG,hanchen ZENG,yansheng LI,wei WEI, maoxue CHEN, Lin Wu, Qiuxiang Xu, Ting Zhang
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